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Mailing Services

Mailing Services

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Intelligent mail tracking alerts you when your direct mail is actually delivered & triggers email messages and collateral customer contacts to boost your Rate of Response.


Email marketing services drive home the message, increasing the impact, when precise coordination occurs through your marketing channels automatically.


Set out a clear path to success for your clients and target market with every prospect. Give them a page designed specifically for them – and their device of choice. Advance and improve the customer experience.


An entire toolbox ready and at your disposal to put your campaign into action – and coordinate it. Direct mail, email and landing pages, your direct marketing unfolding in a perfectly orchestrated campaign that garners a response. Everybody wants a little attention, we will get you the most.


Measure your success! With access to response rates, delivery information, email reporting and leads distributed, you have it all in one place with Alwan Printing.