EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)


  • Full color cards. Let us print and mail your cards. Alwan Printing will do it all, we will design, print, bundle, fill all the reports and mail your cards, then delivered by USPS Letter Carriers with the day's mail.
  • With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) cards, you have an easy, cost effective way to deliver your product to every door.
  • If you have more questions about EDDM, Print & mail call us for more information: 877-443-9153
  • Cards will be in customers mailbox in 10-14 days
  • We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to goods occurring in transit. We are not responsible for the performance of the united states postal service, or any shipping provider.


  Easy Steps


  1. Choose your product 
    Choose from one of our different USPS approved product combinations.
  2. Click the “Select/Change Routes” button
    Use our interactive mapping tool to choose what area to saturate.
  3. Specify "In-Home Date"
  4. Add to Cart
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Print & Mail EDDM CANNOT be combined with other products. If you have any products in your cart, please checkout and return to create your EDDM Print & Mail order

`EDDM 6.5"x12" Print & Mail

Printed on 100# Gloss Cover

`EDDM 6.5"x9" Print & Mail

Printed on 100# Gloss Cover

`EDDM 8.5"x11" Print & Mail

Printed on 100# Gloss Cover