Terms & Conditions

The Customer hereby warrants that the Customer is the owner of the copyright, or has secured the right to reproduce the copyrighted item and to use or distribute copies of all copyrighted works to be printed pursuant to this Agreement.

Further, the Customer hereby warrants that the work to be copied or printed pursuant to this Agreement has not been altered, defaced, mutilated or otherwise modified without the permission of the copyright owner which may be in violation of any right of the copyright owner recognized under federal or state law.

The Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the above named Alwan Printing against any and all claims or losses or expenses including reasonable attorney fees suffered by or incurred by the claims of copyright infringement or violation or alteration, defacement, mutilation or other modification or change to the copyrighted item.

The Customer also agrees to indemnify Alwan Printing for all costs or damages, of whatever kind, relating to, or arising out of, or incurred by Alwan Printing in connection with any action against Alwan Printing by an individual or entity claiming to be the copyright owner, including any such damages which may result from or be assessed on account of the negligence or other wrong doing of the Alwan Printing, the Customer is hereby expressly indemnifying Alwan Printing from and against all claims. This indemnification shall include, but not be limited to, any and all costs, actual, consequential or statutory damages, fines, attorney’s fees, or court costs which may be assessed against Alwan Printing in any such litigation, and fair reimbursement to Alwan Printing for his time (or that of his representative) in being involved in such litigation, and all attorney’s fees and other costs of court, including fees and expenses of experts, which may be incurred or expended by Alwan Printing in defending any such action.

We are not liable for errors in the following items and not limited to: Spelling, Grammar, Fonts, Punctuation. We reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason not limited to low resolution file quality, offensive, indecent, or improper material. We will also refuse an order which in our opinion may be illegal in nature, an infringement on a copyright or any other reason without disclosing the reason. Also by submitting your order you accept the full legal liability for the content of material processed and printed on your behalf and under your instructions.

Product hardware pictured is for example only and may not reflect actual hardware provided.